Rathkeale School Portraits 2023

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Your student’s photo has already been taken. 
Your student would have received an order envelope with their picture on the front and order form on the back. 
There is information on the front of the form that we need to complete your order.

Please add your student's kamar number to the field above. If you are having trouble with this, please give us a call on 06 370 3222.

To order your students Portrait Pack, please select the pack you would like (Portrait pack 1 - small, or Portrait pack 2 - large). when you have finished shopping and are ready to check out, we need you to provide a little more info about your student.

Portrait Pack 1 - Small
Your Students photo printed in a range of sizes:
1x (8”x12”) PRINT A
2x (6”x9”) PRINTS B
2x (4”x6”) PRINTS C

Portrait Pack 2 - Large
Your Students photo printed in a range of sizes:
2x (8”x12”) PRINT A
4x (6”x9”) PRINTS B
4x (4”x6”) PRINTS C