We have a range of different printers here at Pete's Photo and Framing, including one of New Zealands best printers - The Epsom Surelab D3000. This printer is capable of printing your photos with superior results, with sizing options ranging from 6”x4” all the way up to 12”x48”, this high-quality dry-lab printer uses six colours, rather than the more common four-colour printers.

If you're needing larger-sized prints, we have an HP Design Jet Z6100 which can print over 3 meters long – so there is no limit to achieving and impressing with your creative ideas!

We have designed and printed projects such as large pull-up banners and core-flutes, as well as wire-bound books, calendars, personalised photo-books and magnets for families – all done on-site.

If for any reason on-site printing can not be done for a certain project, we will organise off-site printing for you to ensure your project is completed at your convenience, without the hassle of having to deal with multiple suppliers.

Needing workplace identification, voucher cards or stylish business cards? We have the printer required to produce multiple professional plastic cards that fit into your wallet or can be clipped onto a uniform. Let us work with you through the design, proofing and final printing of your product- with a choices of colour, black and white and/or metallic finishes.

As well as specialised professional printing, we  can also provide quick basic printing & photocopying in colour or black and white, on A4, envelope or A3 sizes.

We have the ability to print onto a variety of materials including (but not limited to)

-Lustre photographic paper
-High-quality poster paper
-Plastic card
-Thick card
-Archival matte
-Adhesive paper
-Magnetic paper

Email, phone or visit us at our Perry Street store any time to discuss your printing project today!